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If you are interested in being a part of my VIP Referral Partner all you have to do is send me a referral! If you personally are interested in buying, selling or investing, you can also be the “referral”. 

Each referral given increases your level in the program and will extend your eligibility of the VIP rewards for an additional 6 months.

Level 1: 1 referral or repeat business and you will receive a $50 gift card that can be used at over 200 retailers.

Level 2: 2 referrals or 2x repeat business and you will receive a $100 card that can be used at over 200 retailers.


Level 3: 3 or more referrals and you will receive all of the above PLUS exclusive events and rewards.

So, what is a referral? A referral is when you introduce me to someone who is considering buying, selling or investing in real estate AND is willing to meet with me. Just pass along the name and contact info and once we meet with them, we will let you know and your reward will be sent. How easy is that?!

For more information, please text/call me at 214-476-4656.

Thank you so much for being in my world! I am so excited to be bringing this program to you! 

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